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Peter L Collins - some works


Bicycle: 1625 words. The musings of an old cyclist.
Black Panther: 5300 words. Personal history. What ill thing lurks in wait?
Cancer: 3436 words. Another personal history
Bob: 6680 words. Children's. What troubles dog? Where is brother?
Column 73: 3250 words. A computer system catastrophe.
Flathunt: 1700 words. A father's day with his grown-up son.
Island, The: 2,840 words. Happy wife - why not the husband?
Happy: 950 words. A family picnic on the beach.
Hedley Conundrum, The: 2460 words. What got me writing.
Pyramid: 5560 words. Sucked in? What do you think?
Snap: 9820 words. A serious skiing accident.
Twisting In the Wind: 6890 words. How to fix a hopeless boat.
Warmth: 1740 words. Obituary for a new friend, too soon lost.
Watermark: 17,210 words. Some hard lessons from a canoe trip.
Writer, The: 730 words. Are good writers emotionally crippled?
Yvonne: 1220 words. Dysfunctional, miserable, abused people.

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