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Is Your Wife About To Leave You -
and You Don't Know - Yet?
A manual for men.

by Bonita L Collins and Peter L Collins

v2, 06/06/2007

Dissolution or divorce, up to 80% started by the wives, end more than half all mixed-sex relationships in many western societies. It usually comes as a surprise to the husband. Why do us men miss the signs, and what can we do about it?

Here's the book - you can dip into it anywhere - there's no 'proper sequence'. Each chapter is complete in itself, with links to any other chapter that it might need for explanation. For almost every problem there's a solution offered. Will that solution work for you? We hope so.


What, another book? Why?

Why bother?

The Signs and Portents

What Women Don't Tell Men

Womens' World Has Changed

What Do Husbands and Wives Complain Of?

What does your wife complain of?

What Pleases Your Wife?

Proactive change

What Do You Complain Of?

How Should You Love a Woman?


Truth Tests

Are you an unwitting predator?

I make the decisions


Please and Thank You





Listening the "Right Way"

Helping someone listen to you.

Promises, promises

Respect - hard to earn, easy to destroy

Strength versus Bluster

Shouting, threatening


Deep into her eyes

Copyright 2007 Peter Leon Collins

Copyright 2007 Peter Leon Collins
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